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"The One We Lost" is an otome visual novel game centered around the events leading up to a mysterious homicide. By falling in love with each of the deposed, the player begins to uncover pieces of the story through a series of recorded depositions that have been sworn into evidence. In addition to being a mystery, this game is an exploration of intersecting realities and the ways in which humans handle grief. 

The current build is more or less a demo. It was thrown together in three weeks. It is still relatively incomplete and a bit buggy. We are hoping to release a more complete version with more routes, more original music, and improved art in the near future. Please stay tuned!


Airborne_Manatee: Director, Producer, Lead writer, Lead character artist, Music composer, Background artist

plasmastarfish: Lead programmer, Character artist

NiAsobu: Lead background artist

Empish: Programmer, Writer

crystle56839: Writer

Zvonimir Stojanovsky: Lead music composer

JUST A NOTE: This game was an experiment in collaboration... the team consisted of my (Airborne_Manatee's) family, friends, and strangers, some of whom had no experience in game development. This project became a fantastic mosaic of styles and skills, and it allowed many of us to expand beyond our specific specialty. The art, music, and writing is at times inconsistent, but this is not entirely an accident. It is simply a symptom of this kind of collaboration and is part of what made the creation of this game such a rewarding experience! On behalf of Manateam, I would like to thank everyone who downloads and plays "The One We Lost" for being part of this collaborative experiment :)


SavingLeon-0.7-pc.zip 134 MB


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The entire story was very emotional, I love how you gave personality to these characters and brought them to life ;)
And Leon... wow. I don't know what to say about him. I think your game was a masterpiece overall, and its really deep. 

Thanks for playing! I've been procrastinating working on the finished version, but your comment is good encouragement for me to pick it back up :). Glad you enjoyed the experience!

It was my pleasure to play your game : )